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They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

-Benjamin Franklin

width=200Mowed a few lawns, branded a few cows, washed a few cars, baked a few pies, washed a bunch of dishes, cleared a few acres, sailed a few boats, taught a few archers, rented out a few trucks, built a few water beds, mowed a few more lawns, washed a sh!t-load more dishes, climbed hundreds of telephone poles and spliced thousands upon thousands of telephone cable pairs, poured a few drinks, waited a few tables, bounced a few assholes, wrote a few computer programs, built one bar, poured a few more drinks, put out a few fires, treated a few patients, wrote a few grants, trained a few firefighters/EMTs, trained a few horses, flew a few airplanes, repaired more Microthought (er, I mean Microsoft) computers than you can shake a memory stick at, funded a few fellowships, repaired a few guitars, wrote a few songs, and watched a few conservatives destroy America.


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